Oh, FFS. This is why I shouldn’t just do things from memory and should look them up instead...

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like, but it was Nikolai Chernyshevsky...

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What is not to be done?

" . . . there are emerging criticisms of U.S. foreign policy". Really! How tepid.

This is what is not to be done.

Of the longest of the Long Shots, this US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War cannot be won, by them and yet they cannot afford to lose.

The US - That arsenal of democracy is the democracy of arsenals.

Yet their US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War to remove the Russian Government and seize Russian resources has foundered on the fundamental reality that The United States and allies are not a peer competitor of Russia, nor China for that matter.

The entire conflict might have been avoided except that the prize was and remains Russia's rich resources.

There was no avoiding it. Their only choice - double down.

The detail is here . . . https://les7eb.substack.com/p/long-proxy-war-vii-crisis-of-failure


Others have noticed that an effective cover for the Nazi extremists in The Ukraine requires a leader with the right qualities.

Russia War Strategy. That low key, unassuming, finespun touch of a poker-faced poker player. Give nothing away while holding a winning hand and so slowly bleed out the AFU and their US-NATO-UK sponsors without creating visibly disconcerting disturbances that would crystallize a stronger, unified effort. Understate Ukrainian Armed Forces losses. Under-report Russian battlefield successes.

Do not contradict the stellar claims of the Washington - London Mainstream Media and their intelligence agency script writers. Russia plays Chess, China plays Go, The West plays that game of chance - Snakes and Ladders.

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